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I have lymphedema, the localized swelling of the body caused by an abnormal accumulation of lymph or in other words, body fluid. I was born with this disease and it became visible when I turned 14. It makes my left leg and foot look like I have a sprained ankle all of the time but, in fact, it’s a disease that causes a visible deformity and many problems in my profession as Miss South Carolina 2007 and as a model/actress/singer.

Many people are unaware of these difficulties and I have hesitated to shed light on my disease. I hope that by now revealing this most hidden part of myself, I can begin healing and help others with the same struggle. CLICK THE LE&RN LOGO ABOVE TO READ MY ENTIRE STORY AND LEARN HOW I HAVE BEEN LIVING WITH LYMPHEDEMA.

Princess Workshop

Workshop fit for a Princess!

The Princess Workshop, a family and children event that Crystal created through Family Connection, an organization that connects the families of disabled children to other families of disabled children as a support group. The Princess Workshop is a fun day for 12 disabled girls where they all receive makeovers inside and out; where at the close of the workshop, their true potential is realized.

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